What Is Speech Analytics

Teknoses Speech Analyzer is a Speech Recognition based Conversation Analyzer that can be used as an Automatized-CRM, Decision-Making Assistant and more you imagined.

The Statistics, Automaticly builded from Call Center Conversations

The Teknoses Speech Analyzer basically, analyzes the conversation between Customer Representative and Customer, then produces meaningful statistics about conversation. Teknoses extracts all significant informations from phone conversations. It uses it’s “high accurated Speech Recognition Core” on Recognition-Phase. It also applys Statistics and Machine-Learned models onto transcripted conversations, and converts theese statistics to a form which you prefered to see.

Multi Language

Teknoses Speech Analytics Supports over 70 Language. You can find out all supported languages from here.

Content Independed

Our new revolutional technology changes all about traditional CRM Approach. It is not important which for your exists daily business, It can be a Sales Conversation or Customer Service. Teknoses Speech Analyzer has a Simplified Parametric infrastructure that allows you to define the key points in your conversations. And Our global customer support team helps you about prepare the customized analytics for your project.