Cost Effected Speech Recognition is possible Without Comprimise Functionality

Two consept must be well positioned for sustainable usage of a speech recognition service in any type application. One of them it has to be able to transcript of any speech perfectly, and second is it has to be acceptable cost.

Suppose that below scenario is your Speech Recognition requirement.

You have a 32 Channel Call Center Application running in a Bank, and think to implement below two function with Speech Recognition.

Function 1:

Your application will say to caller as "Welcome to X Bank. Please Say What action you want to do." and then will get user transcript over "Speech Recognition" and redirect the caller to appropirate department or jump to next ivr node, When a call received.

  • * 70.000 request processing approximatelly in One Day.
  • Function 2:

    Your application will listen customer complaints during 1 minute and send transcripted text to releated department as mail message

  • * 80 Request processing approximatelly in One Day.
  • What is the cost of the above scenario ?

    If you use Google SR Service, your cost will be 12.657 $ at the end of month.
    Google Cost:
    Function-1 (70.000 * 30 * 0.006$) 12.600$
    Function-2 (80 * 30 * 0.024$) 57$
    Total 12.657$

    If you use Teknoses SR Service, your cost will be 1.848 $ at the end of month.
    Teknoses Cost:
    Function 1 (24 channel LGL) ( 400 Grammar License ) 1.800$
    Function 2 (80 * 30 * 0.024$) 57$
    Total 1.857$

    How we offer this exiting reduction without comprimise functionalty ?

    Typically, all of exists Speech Recognition Providers offers to you only the CPR ( Charge Per Request ) pricing model, except Teknoses.

    We offer two different licensing model same time to you can position 'Requirement - Cost' balance in the most perfect way. Two model can be used seperatelly or mixed mode.

    We offer LGL ( Limitted Grammar License ) in addition to CPRL ( Charge Per Request license ).

  • CPRL, best sutiable if you want to get all transcript perfectly.
  • LGL, best sutiable if you want to reduce speech recognition cost without comprimise functionality.
  • LGL is Channel Basis, Fixed Price, Limited Grammar Speech Recognition License. LGL only works with words or phrases you specified in your grammar. LGL returns found words defined in your grammar and "NIG" keyword when found words not defined in your grammar.

    We hearing that you saying "But, what i will do if i not acquire all words of speaker ? I need all of them !".

    Allright, Please let us to explain.

    Are all words really required ?

  • Function-1: Exactly NO. All words not required.
    You can use LGL.
  • Function-2: Yes, all words required. You have to use CPRL.
  • Note that, %99.8 percent of cost comes from Function-1.

    When you looked at function-1 carefully, you could find it has "static" structure in fact. When we say static we mean it depends on predefined certain rules. Function-1 gets user transcription and search Keywords or Phrases in transcription, and then executes best suitable action.

    For example: Function-1 redirects current call to lost-stolen department if it finds "i lost my card" in transcription or finds "lost" and "card" words simultaneously.

    The key point is here:

    Function-1 does not interest with all words in fact. It only interest with predefined words or phrases you defined. And this feature allows you to reduce your cost. Then, There is no barier to use LGL in function-1 without comprimise functionalty. You can simply specify grammar for function-1 including keywords and phrases you need, and then start to use LGL licenced Speech Recognition quickly.

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