Create Artifical Intelligence based Applications and Micro Services in Minutes, For all Communication Channels like Chatbot / Voip / Speech to Text as Production Ready, On-Premise & Cloud.

Chatbots and Virtual Assistants

Create Production-Ready Artifical Intelligence Virtual Assistants and Chatbots for Web & Voip in all Communication Channels in Minutes as On-Premise or Cloud
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Speech to Text - SR & Text to Speech - TTS

Over 70 language of high accuracy Speech to Text even if spoken in noisy environment with Interated VOIP Support.

Supports On-Premise or Cloud

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Speech And Text Analytics

Extract Mean & Sensations from the Text & Speech with A.I. & Machine Learning Services.

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Ready for Production in All Communication Channels

Run Artifical Intelligence - Speech to Text Supported Virtual Assistants and Chatbots only in Minutes in your IP-PBX, Call Center, Chatbot - Text - Web Channels. Or you can completelly host your IP-PBX / Call Center, Chatbot Appication in Teknoses Studio.

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