Predictive Analytics AI.

Extract Mean from the Raw Conversations.

Analytics about Conversations

As part of Teknoses Studio Ecosystem, You can extract all key information from Speech and Text Calls ( Voip & Chatbot & Live Chat conversations ) in terms of Content and Accoustic contexts. Teknoses, automatically analyze Calls and produces Analyses more than 20 Different Area and allows you implement your custom Analytics and Measurements.


These Analyzes shows the Expectations of your Customer, classifies your customer and it’s requests according to many criteria, shows complaints and much more you imagined. We saying “you imagined” especially because, The Teknoses Analytics has a simplified parametric infrastructure that allows you define unlimited criterion about Your custom business functions or Customer Project’s depended properties

Quality and Tunning

You can measure the Agent Performance, Optimize Call Scenarios thanks to Teknoses. Trend and Satisfaction Analysis, Conversion and Cost Analysis, Profit Loss Analysis are only small part of what the program’s ability. Reduce Call-Duration and Resource / Agent Costs needs to exact control to be done over conversations and extract concepts from conversations. Teknoses provides a suitable environment for this.

Context Independed

It doesn't matter what your job is. It can be a sales call or customer support call, you can even evaluate, measure and improve all your internal communication through Teknoses Analytics.

The simplified Parametric Infrastructure allows you to define the key points in your conversations. And Our global team helps you about prepare the customized analytics for your projects.