Chatbot A.I. with Full Customizable infrastructure as Ready to Use

Develop Through the UI

Our Chatbot infrastructure allows you to Develop and Customize your Chatbot Applications beyond simple interactions, which means you can fully develop on an existing chatbot application with enterprise Database Support. You don't need to know about A.I. or Coding

Speech Support

Your visitors can use the Chatbot through the Speech to Text, and interact with Text to Speech which means that the Chatbot A.I. can be used in all communication channels including Voip Support. Teknoses Chatbot A.I. can be used also in IP/PBX & Call Center Infrastructure through Speech to text and Text to Speech technology

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Quick Learning

Tens of Thousands of samples are not required, The Chatbot A.I. can be trained with only a few hundred examples


Extract all key information from Text and Speech Sessions ( Voip & Chatbot & Live Chat conversations ) in terms of Content and Accoustic contexts. Teknoses, automatically analyze Calls and produces Analyses more than 20 Different Area ( Sentiment Analysis,Classification, Clustiring ...etc ) and allows you implement your custom Analytics and Measurements.

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Live Agent Support

Transfer Chatbot Sessions to Live Agents when you need them, when the conditions you want occur.

Qualification and Scoring

You can Quality and Score Artificial Intelligence conversations and conversations made by Live Customer representatives over Content and Acoustic audio features. You can constantly compare these analyzes and observe the changes.

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Dynamic Data Support

You can dynamically process data in Assistant sessions and minimize the Agent requirement

Custom Tables & Forms

You can design as many Tables and Forms as you want and use them in Artificial Intelligence Sessions.

All Communication Channels

  • Teknoses Chatbot & Artificial Intelligence technologies support all communication channels and Custom Application Integrations