Teknoses MRCP Server can be used as On-Premise or On Cloud Infrastructure. It is compatible with all popular VOIP and IP-PBX applications like Avaya,Genesys,Asterisk,Free PBX... etc, or any custom voip application that supports MRCP.


It can handle from a request to hundreds of thousands real-time Speech Recognition request, produces Transcription of Speech simultaneously without latency. The recognition results are returns immediately after utterance finish, that means this is realtime and it happens without wait for finish of speaker's all speech.

Multi Language

Teknoses MRCP Server Supports over 70 Language. You can find out all supported languages from here.

It is Ready to realize the Speech-Recognition-Supported Virtual Call Center Assistant Scenarios.

Speech Recognition supported Virtual Call Center Assistant is a High Technology method. The method based on the principle which the MRCP Server's make transcript of caller's speech and redirect it to appropirate target without need for a live agent, and it is dramatically downs the operational costs of Call Centers.

What Is MRCP

The MRCP ( Media Resource Control Protocol ) is a protocol designed by IETF ( Internet Engineering Task Force ) to interact VOIP Applications, VOIP Devices or IP PBX Products with each other in a standardized way. The Protocol allows to implement Speech Recognition capability in your products without customize your products according to Vendor spesific cases or rules. In this way you could be able to add Speech Recognition capability into your applications in a few minutes. Teknoses MRCP Server supports the MRCP protocol.