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Why Partner with Teknoses ?

  • Monthly / Yearly Recurring Revenue Per Customer
  • Sell your Custom Modules by Developing simple Plugins from Templates
  • Up to %25 ~ %60 lower Speech to Text Request Pricing than existing Speech to Text providers. ( High Volume Pricing ).
  • Offer your customers "Fixed Price and Unlimited Speech-to-Text" option in addition to the "Charge Per Request" model
  • Cloud / On-Premise / Hybrid usage options to target all type of customer
  • Offer Production-Ready, Customizable Virtual Assistants and Chatbots in minutes to your Customers.
  • Quickly Intgerate Virtual Assistants into Customer's Existing Infrastructure who using an IP / PBX already, without forcing to switch exist PBX.
  • Offer your Customers a Virtual Assistant Supported Programmanble Standalone IP & PBX and Call Center Infrastructure that can run in all Communication Channels - Voip / Text.
  • Design & Write Custom Artifical Intelligence Assistants without need to know Artifical Intelligence
  • Speech to Text and Virtual Assistants in all world languages.
  • Powerfull Documentation and Support
  • World's First and Only Virtual Assistant and Chatbot Studio.

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  • Company Name and Definition
  • A Phone Number to Contact
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