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Over 70 Language

We support over 70 language of high accuracy Speech Recognition even if spoken in noisy environment.


Cloud or On-Premise

You can choose either cloud-based or on-premise usage options.


Media Servers

Teknoses MRCP Server ready for Call Centers and IP PBX products. All Popular and Custom VOIP / IP-PBX Applications can be integrated in a few minutes.


Developer SDK

C++, C# Speech Recognition SDK available now, and all other popular programming languages are coming soon for custom integrations.


Protocol Support

We support many standart and media protocols such as HTTP, MRCP, SIP for you be able to integrate your exists infrastructure without any customization.


Acceptable Pricing

The projects which cannot be realized because of that too much Speech Recognition requirements can be realized with any of our many different licencing options.

Experience is Everything

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It doesn't matter what we say, what you experience is important. You can try all of our products, for free.